Ralph Thomas

Ralph Thomas is founder and director of the National Association Of Investigative Specialists. NAIS is an association of private investigators. He is author of 30 manuals on various aspects of conducting investigations.

In the early 1990’s he authored a book called Missing Links In The JFK Assassination. In 2017 he released a Kindle book titled JFK Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy. The book turned out to be 1,526 pages long in a Kindle book so he broke it down in sections which include: Confessions, Admissions And Prime Suspects In The JFK Assassination, Nixon Espionage And The JFK Assassination – The Missing Watergate Links, Covert Affairs! JFK And The Death Of Two Ladies, Lee Harvey Oswald – Portrait Of A Patsy, The Joseph Milteer JFK Assassination Tapes, Deception Of The JFK Assassination In High Places – Smoking Guns In The New JFK Assassination Files, Foreknowledge And Other Aborted Plots In The JFK Assassination, JFK Assassination: The James B. Wilcott Files And The CIA Oswald Project, Altered! The Zupruder Film, The JFK Assassination Witnesses, Silenced! – Strange Deaths Of People Who Knew To Much About The JFK Assassination, JFK Conspiracy – The Medical Evidence.

Thomas is also the author of MLK: Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy, and RFK: Beyond A Question Of Conspiracy.

Thomas is retired and lives in the Austin Texas area.

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