Victoria Hawes-Sulzer

Victoria Hawes-Sulzer is a “witness” regarding meeting Lee Harvey Oswald at Dr. Mary Sherman’s apartment building – and much more. Victoria is one of several witnesses never interviewed by the FBI who are now helping to verify Lee Oswald’s true activities and his innocence, as well as helping to support what Judyth Baker has also revealed about Oswald, his association with Dr. Sherman, and his true activities in New Orleans.

Victoria is considered a JFK and Dr. Mary Sherman murder “witness” due to the number of people involved known by Victoria:

Victoria writes: “[Lee and I attended] Beauregard Jr. High School… [also,] I met Dr. Mary Sherman in passing, polite greetings, not a personal close relationship… the Patio Apartments was so small, isolated in contact, but cordial and lent itself to privacy.” Victoria also reveals what she knows about Oswald’s associate, apartment resident Juan Valdez, who lived next door to her and to Dr. Sherman. Edward T. Haslam (Author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey) considers Valdez a prime suspect in Dr. Sherman’s horrific murder.

Victoria, mother of six children and a self taught artist, has been in the educational field for almost 50 years. Serving not only as a classroom teacher, but as an assistant academic advisor at Tulane University, board member of Newcomb Nursery School, and The Bright School for the Hearing Impaired, the founding President of the Student Senate of Continuing Ed Students at Tulane University, founding President of the United States Association of Evening Students, as well as advisor to the President of Student and Alumni Affairs, and as a Dean’s appointed Student grievance advocate at Tulane.

After retiring from St. Paul’s Episcopal School in New Orleans, La, Victoria joined the staff at Annunciation Catholic School in Bogalusa, La, where she is currently teaching and has taught art for the past 15 years. Victoria earned her BA in Social Sciences, 1989 and post grad certification, K-8, 1991, Tulane University, New Orleans, La.

Victoria’s main focus for living well and philosophy on life: “Show kindness, grace and gratitude; be a builder of trust, and seeker of truth and peace. Be respectful and have meaningful interaction with others and Mother Earth – as best you can”.

PRESENTATION: The Clay Shaw Trail
MOVIE: He Must Have Something: Jim Garrison’s Prosecution of Clay Shaw for His Role in the JFK Assassination

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